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Behind the Digital Musician

I’m Anne Dorko: Musical artist, content creator, developer, designer, freelance extraordinaire, and MBA candidate.

I’ve been launching projects and businesses since I was 6 years old. Let me take my lifelong obsession with starting new projects and make it your superpower. Because, along the way… I’ve picked up a whole lot of practical skills helpful for building an online platform.

Digital Skills for Musicians

The Digital Musician on is a collection of practical skills for building a digital platform, specifically taught based on how they are relevant to musicians.

Books & Courses

You’ll find free blog posts, pay-what-you-can guidebooks, and paid courses on a variety of topics to help you become a digital musician.


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1:1 Services

You can hire me for consulting and direct services to help you get up and running even faster – from branding to web design and beyond.

How to Self-Publish Your First Song

The Songwriter’s Roadmap to Navigate Self-Publishing on Major Music Streaming Platforms

Now available!